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Garage Door Openers can be lifesavers if there is an emergency.  if you’re coming home late from work and there is a downpour you want to get in and out of your garage without having to fret for your keys.  Also, we all know how crucial time is in the morning if you are rushing to work.  Don’t waste your time searching for your keys and getting up to manually open and close your garage door.  Call Baltimore Garage Door technicians to supply and install a brand new garage door opener for you and they will come within the hour.Baltimore Garage Door technicians specialize in garage door opener repair and installation. Our top of the line garage door products are crafted for dependable long-lasting performance. Baltimore Garage Doors provide garage door openers that are designed to be reliable and durable. Our garage door company in Baltimore, MD only supplies openers

Baltimore Garage Doors works with garage door opener manufacturers like Liftmaster, Genie, Chamberlain and Craftsman.  The two most commonly used manufacturers however are LiftMaster and Genie.  These two garage door openers are very dependable and affordable and come with security systems that are crucial if you have children or pets.Let’s take a look at the remarkable qualities that LiftMaster and Genie have to offer.
Genie and LiftMaster Openers Both have:

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  • Rolling code security which means that the code changes every time you press the button to prevent theft and break-in robberies.
  • Motion sensor systems that can sense obstructions in the way of the door path and will automatically reverse; very crucial if you have pets or children
  • Automatic lights that display time and temperature for your convenience.
  • Automatic stop and reversing systems for the safety of your vehicle and home.
  • Come with keypad and remotes.
  • Unique locking systems to ensure your vehicle’s security. 
  • All garage door openers are warrantied


Baltimore Garage Door opener combines safety and convenience; because it lets you open and close your garage door smoothly and hassle free. Baltimore Garage Doors have been in the business for so many years now and we are the 1st Garage Door Openers Company in Baltimore, MD area that is continuously offering LiftMaster/Genie garage door remotes, door opener repairs parts, keyless entry systems and accessories.  Baltimore Garage Door staff is specially trained from the friendly phone representatives to our trustworthy technicians.  Each technician goes through inspection and training every 6-8 months to ensure quality work.  Our staff is highly educated in the mechanics of garage doors and every procedure to maintain, repair and install all of the garage door parts.  Every job is taken with respect whether it’s a free estimate for a new door or a fully insulated steel door replacement.  We tend to your individual needs with equal respect and do our best to help fix your problem.  Baltimore Garage Doors believes that the lower the cost the higher the increase in clientele base.  We rely on your word of mouth to keep our business flourishing which is why we offer the best prices in the market with additional coupons for our online customers.  Call Baltimore Garage Door now and we’ll send a technician right to your door!
Keep criminals off your property by having Baltimore Garage Doors install a new garage door opener with the latest security and the sturdiest locks.  They will think twice about trespassing your property and look for an easier target.  Protect your home and your vehicle; call Baltimore Garage Doors in Maryland.  Our local company has technicians all over different parts of Baltimore on standby waiting for your call.

At Baltimore Garage Door we just don’t promise you reliable products but also high quality of services. You can reach us anytime at       Baltimore Garage Doors (410) 505-8108       let us assist you in whatever you need. Whether it is an over the phone ballpark estimate or an appointment for an opener installation we will take care of you.

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